• Novarex, a company that brings dream to reality.
  • Novarex, a company that innovate based on nature of the science.
  • Novarex, a company that bring complete health and recovery benefits through trust.

A global company that unlocks science behind nature

R&D-oreinted company that studies nature and health!Novarex is a professional global dietary supplement company that holds many domestic and international patents.


A professional company that is highly focused with advanced technology and innovation

Novarex is a professional enterprise that develops functional ingredients and food dietary supplements.We, Novarex, focus on heavily to secure the premium quality of products with cutting edge technology and manufacturing facilities.

Technological development and commitment to top notch quality

Nature applied science! Constant research and verification is performed to bring the best health benefits and happiness to our customers

Strict and thorough quality control

With cutting edge food dietary supplement production facilities with technological innovation, we secure strict and thorough quality control to our products.



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