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Heath Food

  • 건강기능식품 Health Functional Foods Foods containing natural ingredients that has useful functionality on human body Function : Obtaining beneficial health effects such as physiological action by regulating the nutrients of the structure and functions in human body. Relevant laws : Laws on health functional foods
  • 식품 Foods All foods except for the ones that are medicine consumption Relevant laws : Food Sanitation Act / Livestock Products Sanitary Control Act
  • 의약품 Medicine Material used to have pharmacological influence on structure and function of human or animal, or used for preventing and treating disease of human or animal Relevant laws : pharmaceutical affairs law

Individual certificate status

Development capability

  • NOVAREX Patent(s)
    설립개황 표
    Domestic Overseas Brand Service
    16 16 7 1
  • Domestic Material Development National Reaserch Funds: Processed 11 tasks based on domestic materials Establishment of R&D company through investment of patent material technology
  • Approval of novel materials for individually recognized ingredients Sourcing various raw ingredients through exchanges with ingredient suppliers from around the world
  • Approval Consulting of Novel Material Possession of the highest individual recognition in Korea Individual certificate consignment and business construction for oversea material companies wanting domestic expansion

Process Status

With R&D team as a center, Novarex adds at least of three new research projects per year and at least nine projects are undergoing every year.

Through these tasks, not only we are spurring to industrialize the potential domestic raw materials, we are also continuing our efforts to directly develop raw materials by investing our own research funds in possible raw materials.

With these research and development, we are devoting ourselves to source in domestics market instead of relying on our current overseas sourcing. As a result, we selected not only new raw materials for overseas but also various domestic patent materials. By concentrating on self-development and commercialization of raw materials, we are pioneering domestic market and opening into overseas market, and becoming one of the best health functional foods company in Korea.

국책과제 진행현황표
Number Material Code Business Name Research Period
1 NR-17-01 Collaborative Research Projects 2014.07 ~ 2017.06
2 NR-31-01 Research Projects from Novarex 2016.09 ~ 2017.09
3 NR-18-02G Collaborative Research Projects 2015.04 ~ 2017.11
4 NR-05-01G Collaborative Research Projects 2016.04 ~ 2017.12
5 NR-31-03G Collaborative Research Projects 2015.10 ~ 2018.10
6 NR-12-04 Collaborative Research Projects 2015.10 ~ 2018.10
7 NR-03-01G Research Projects from Novarex 2016.09 ~ 2018.12
8 NR-31-05 Collaborative Research Projects 2016.09 ~ 2018.12
9 NR-31-06 Collaborative Research Projects 2016.07 ~ 2018.12
10 NR-31-04G Collaborative Research Projects 2016.05 ~ 2019.04
11 NR-12-01 Research Projects from Novarex 2016.07 ~ 2020.07